Paris is always a good idea

Ernest Hemingway - If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.

Henry Miller - When spring comes to Paris the humblest mortal alive must feel that he dwells in paradise.

Audrey Hepburn - Paris is always a good idea.

It does not disappoint.

Bus top Eiffel Tower JPG

We have been fortunate enough to travel to Paris as a family many times. The publisher of David’s books in French invite David to the Paris book fair, Salon du livre, every March.


What started in 2006 as what we imagined to be a one time experience turned into 9 years in a row. I still pinch myself.   

Hotel Minerve.JPG

Our home away from home in the Quartier Latin.

From the Arc de Triomphe.JPG

Our youngest daughter was only 9 years old on our first trip. Every spring break, she got to go to Paris. Travel is so wonderful for children.

From the Arc de triomphe 8.JPG
From the Arc3.JPG
l'Arc de triomphe.JPG

Hamming it up for David, trying to look like Parisians.

les deux magots.JPG
Les Deux Magots Paris 2009.JPG
Les Deux Magots 09.JPG
Salon du Livre Paris 2008.JPG

I love seeing the changes in Victoria, over the years. These are two of my favourite pics of her holding hands with David, something she was getting too old to do at home. This is circa 2011. It just warms my heart.

Champs Élysées.JPG

I love the streets leading up to the Pantheon. Our favourite little restaurant is up there. Never miss it!