Valentine's Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day, the day for lovers and lovers of love. The day to spend money on, or craft your own, cards and chocolates, maybe splurge on flowers or a dinner out (or in) and to really amp up the love potions. The day for self love and puppy love and friend love. No matter what kind of love you are acknowledging and celebrating or what your plans are for Valentine’s Day, if any, I hope you start this day as you might start any day, by looking in the mirror and saying I love you - to YOU! Say I love you, you are beautiful, you are amazing, you amaze me! Say, I appreciate you. You have a charming smile. You have a lovely sense of humour and you are loved. Buy yourself those heart shaped chocolates and your favourite flowers, knowing you are loved.

Valentine's Day dress

This is the first year I’ve actually had a Valentine’s Day dress. It was actually my Christmas dress as well. It was a gift from David for Christmas and it is from my favourite designer, Anine Bing. I loved the dress as soon as I saw it and thought it would suit me. I’m such a jeans and t-shirt girl but oh man, I LOVE THIS DRESS! It is 100% silk and drapes beautifully. It is a vibrant print but the design calms that down nicely. (not sponsored by the way, I’m just a huge fan)

Often David is away on Valentine’s Day but we still try to have a dinner out near to that day and he never forgets to send flowers. I’m very lucky. Thinking about romance took me back to the most romantic city of Paris where I would go mad in Galleries Lafayette in the lingerie department. I bought some exquisite sets of french lingerie to bring home. I wore them with pride and felt oh so chic but then I tucked them away for some reason. I must bring them out on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day prep

There will be a little bit of bubbly, of course. David will stick with his whiskey but I will have to have bubbly. Our choice is a lovely reasonably priced organic Prosecco and David loves Irish Whiskey.

Anine Bing Paloma Dress

Wishing you all the best there is in life and love xoxo