Early summer garden highlights

The summer solstice has arrived and I’m so happy. Summer means many things but to me the main thing is the GARDEN! Here in Victoria we have very mild winters. Something wonderful is happening in the garden in all four seasons. I can always make a bouquet of snippets of something to bring into the house, no matter what month it is. To be honest though, if I had to pick a favourite time in the garden, this season brings all of the heady blooms and abundance, so right next to Spring, which is the break of the brief lull we call winter, summer really brings it! Here are just a few garden highlights and stars of the moment.

Styrax - this is a spectacular tree that is responsible for the full shade of one of our key garden beds, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. These enchanting blooms hang down in huge fragrant masses. What a joy!

Eryngium giganteum - Sea Holly or Miss Willmott’s Ghost - changing from silvery grey at first to deep blue as it matures.

Hostas and ferns

Philadelphus - Belle Etoile - mock orange


Roses - I have a number of different roses. Here is a smattering of their gorgeous blooms.

Alchemilla Mollis aka Lady’s Mantle - I let it go mad and self seed everywhere and love it for arrangements and drying.

Alchemilla mollis

Feverfew - I also let it seed itself almost anywhere and then yank it out when it starts to fade.


Stachys byzantia, or more sweetly called, Lamb’s Ears. I use the flower spikes in arrangements.

Lambs ears - Stachys Byzantina

Geraniums - the only one I have at the moment is this sweet pink one and it is popping up everywhere. There are so many wonderful perennial geraniums but one of my all time favourites is Johnson’s Blue, planted with Phlomis russeliana, aka Turkish sage.

Digitalis Purpurea- Foxglove I know, I know, it is a poisonous weed but I still love it. I also have grown the perennial varieties and they are magnicent. (Digitalis Ferruginea or Rusty foxglove is also a biennial and Digitalis x Mertonensis or Strawberry foxglove is a true perennial.)

Astrantia Major or Great masterwort


Hydrangea - I have two mop head types and two lace cap hydrangeas. I need to find space for more.

Lavandula Augustifolia Hidcote - English lavender. I have it planted anywhere it will grow. It needs sun and my garden lacks in that department but wherever I can, I tuck in some lavender.

lavandula augustifolia Hidcote

Epimedium - I love the heart shaped leaves of this ground cover. There is a dwarf variety as well.

Honeysuckle - such a joyful fragrance!


Hanging fuchsia baskets for our hummingbirds


Fleabane - I tuck it in everywhere! This is planted in an old horse trough.


Salvia Amistad - blooms into winter and the hummingbirds love it!

I will share highlights of my midsummer garden as well. For now, enjoy these long lovely days xoxo